Who loves MAC Syrup? It is one of my favorite, go-to lipsticks. It is a perfect, mauve-pink that is a great everyday color. If you are looking for a “my lips but better color” but don’t like nude lipsticks, this color is for you!


The dupe that I found is Revlon Super Lustrous in Sassy Mauve.


Syrup is a Lustre finish, meaning it does have some shine to it. Sassy Mauve is a Creme, so it doesn’t quite have the shine, but it is definitely gives a satin (not matte) finish. The formula of these Super Lustrous lipsticks are awesome-great pigmentation and staying power, plus no offensive smell!

As you can see, the actual color is VERY similar.

20140922-161140.jpgSyrup, Sassy Mauve

MAC lipsticks retail for $16, while the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks cost around $5, depending on what drugstore you go to. What a deal!

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Thanks for reading! xx

4 Replies to “MAC Syrup Lipstick DUPE + Swatches”

  1. I’m always pleasantly surprised by the revlon lip sticks, particularly those in the creme range. And I was just thinking about purchasing this exact lipstick! Just to let you know if you wanted something a bit deeper within the same color range, Revlon has another color called Mauvey Night and I lover it for fall!

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